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I have OCD, so negative obsessions are not a foreign subject to me, but in my case they have been, and still are, very different from being passionate about something to the point of an obsession. Negative obsessions, for me, are things that sneak up on you, that won't go away no matter how much you want them to; things that makes you feel so pained and hurt, to the point of despair (if your obsession about something makes you unable to function, or hurt others, then it's also a problem, of course). And when I'm passionate about something, it's because it gives me happiness and joy, or because I think it's important. And even when I am obsessed, it still doesn't hurt me, really. So what if I've got Jon Stewart on my mind a lot, as long as it doesn't pain me to the point of wishing for death, or somehow hurts him/makes me unable to function, it's not negative to me. I try to separate my fannish/social- change obsessions from my OCD obsessions, because the difference lie in how the obsessions make me feel, and how it impacts others. And even if my passion about social- causes can hurt me, it's not directly thinking about the causes that pains me; it's how people treat/react to the causes. Does that make sense? The causes are things I want to think about, things that I want to care about, even if they can depress me; my OCD is not. And yeah, sometimes the two can bleed together, because my OCD shapes my way of thinking about things, and how much I think about things, but they're still two vastly different things to me. The only similarity, to me, is that they're both a form of an obsession; that's it.

Old writer's block, sorry, I know, but I just needed to rant a little. It's probably incoherent and full of mistakes, but whatever. 

I'll try to do a real update soon, I promise; today has just been too exhausting, because I've been pumped with all this new information, and I need to process it, before I can do anything else. Hope you are all well.
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I watch The Daily Show, I enjoy The Daily Show, and I respect and admire The Daily Show. But I also realize that I shouln't count on them for news, or take everything Jon Stewart says at face value. And I realize that they are only humans, and therefore have faults, and make mistakes, just like everyone else.

Lately, I have seen a lot of people criticize the Daily show, and their role in the media. And while many of the allegations have been very valid (sexism, racism, and ableism etc), there are some allegations that I do not agree with. At all.


More under cut: )


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I'm still going to be watching, but right now I'm not loving it. And I tried to like it, I really did, I was positive about it and didn't hate on any of the characters. But I'm not so impressed when I look at the overall picture. Some episodes were good, but there weren't many that I OMG LOVED!.

Something just went wrong for me, and I'm not sure about what set it off.

ETA: Or rather, I am missing the RTD era, basically.
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Love it when it's good; hate it when it's bad.

There is nothing worse in fandom, besides fandom crazies and drama, than bad fanfiction, especially bad porn. Luckily, it is mostly in the bigger fandoms that the badfic come out; I've found that in the smaller fandoms, the writing tends to be better, simply because it isn't as popular as the bigger ones. That is not to say that there isn't great fics in bigger fandoms, because there are, it can just be hard to sort the good from the bad. Bad fanfiction is why I don't write it myself, but judge from a safe distant. If I write, I want to make sure that my work it is actually good. That said, you can only get better the more you write, so of course there is going to be some bad stuff; it is only natural. I just prefer to learn and get better in secret, and let friends judge instead of the whole internet. I judge my own work too much and don't dare to post it, unless I am sure that it is decent, which I realize can be hard to find out when I don't post it, haha.

I know that you can only get better if you let other people see and give opinions on what you write, but I am too self-critical to post anything, and that is my problem. I don't write much either, I mostly comment on other people's work. Speaking of that...

It isn't easy for me to tell another person that I think their work is bad, which I know isn't going to help anything, but I just can't do it. Either I don't comment or I find something positive to comment on instead; I don't like saying "this was bad!" and hurt someones feelings, so I don't. I don't want to lie either, so I make sure that I mean what I say. If I do comment on something I think is bad, I make sure to compliment on something that I liked. I don't lie to people;  if I write: "OH MY GOD AMAZING!" etc then I really mean it. And when I find typos I let them know as well. I often leave long detailed comments when it is something that I love.

I use to write really bad fanfiction about Lost, Jack/Kate, or 'Jate' as they were called(JATE IS FATE!). I had this long melodramatic story starring them, with a lot of bad English and cheesy writing, and I just laugh when I think about it. I also wrote a lot of original writing, which I have fond memories of, but I am sure it wasn't much better.
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Um, so, I noticed that there isn't any active comms about Jon Stewart on LJ, or even on the internet, and that makes me sad, because I know how much people love him, and how many fans he has.

So, I am thinking about maybe starting up a comm about him on LJ? For news, pictures, articles involving him in some way. This way I can post in an actual comm instead of flooding my journal with all things Jon(it can be annoying for my non- Daily Show watching friends). But I can't do this on my own, and I don't know how to mod, make layouts, set up rules, etc, any of that jazz, so if anyone wants to co-mod, help with any of this, it would be really great. I know I have a lot of fellow Jon lovers on my Flist.

And btw; I don't know if I am even capable of doing a good job as a mod, because my life is not very stable at the moment, but I really think we need a comm for him, and if my role could be something like, accepting posts, banning trolls, and stuff like that, then it would be great.

Does this sound interesting to any of you guys? A good or a bad idea?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.<3

I don't even have a name yet, lol.
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1. Jon is a comedian, making fun of people and pointing out their mistake is his job; HE IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BE A JOURNALIST, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PEOPLE SEE HIM AS ONE. I have thought a lot about this and the fact of the matter is: Jon doesn't claim to be a journalist, so, no, he can't be expected to be one. This has nothing to do with 'having guts' or 'being edgy' because Jon is still a comedian; and giving your opinion on things/pointing out stupidity/making fun of people; STILL FALLS UNDER THE CATEGORY OF A COMEDIAN. And he is not the only comedian to do this; he just happen to be more honest and factual than others;  but that still doesn't make him a journalist. Saying that he doesn't go after the people you want him to, not always do hard-hitting interviews,  doesn't matter, because he does his show from his point of view, and is under no obligation to do what the news should. Critisizing the news doesn't mean that he should take it upon himself to fix it, that is not his job. The fact that he is more factual and balanced than the other news channels, is a bonus, and says something about the state of the media; not the state of him or his show.

2. You are a fucking idiot. You say that 'enough liberals do' so it's okay to make generalizations. Well, hmm, most of the teabaggers I've encountered are dumb, racist, ignorant, calls Obama for Hitler, and believe that Obama is the Anti Christ/not born in America. By your account, that makes it okay to make generalizations, right? Except, you don't think so, because it's people you agree with, which makes you, wait for it, A HYPOCRIT.

3. I can't wait for Jon and The Daily Show writers to own you on this; or even better, ignore you, because you don't deserve to even get mentioned on their show; THAT'S HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE. Join the ranks of Tucker Carlson, Jim Cramer, and John Gibson, bb, cuz soon that will be all you have.
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I found this article called  'Only men are allowed to be perfect', via[info]51stcenturyfox and her posthttp://51stcenturyfox.livejournal.com/111521.html, so I thought I would link it here as well, because I love the points it makes, and I want to share it. It is about sexism in fandom, and I find it spot on. Here is a part of the article that I really love:

Try taking any female character you dislike, and transforming them into a man... how does this change how you look at them? There are still going to be plenty of characters you dislike, regardless of gender, because they're still a cat hater, or a Yankees fan, or they look just like that math teacher who used to call you stupid. But how much time would you spend bashing them? Do you think there would be whole communities devoted to hating them? Would they be constantly vilified in fanfic?

But what does it matter if we bash female characters? They're only fictional, after all. I'll just say this- I don't think it's a good idea to spend a lot of time disparaging and despising women, even if they aren't real, as that's the sort of thing that can become a habit.

Yes, I'm oversimplifying things, being judgmental, and the people who see this are almost certainly certainly the last people on earth who need to read it, but I had to throw it out there.

Check out the thread, and read the rest of it here:


What do you guys think?
I'd like a lot of people from the Lost, Torchwood, Harry Potter and Doctor Who fandoms to see this.

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Watch from 07.00 to the end, to hear him whine about Jon.

Gems include:

-Tucker Carlson saying the word 'cabal, which is a major DNW.
-"I thought it was stupid, what he was saying" Tucker missing Jon's points.
-"I didn't get that I was percieved to have lost"  Tucker being unaware of his fail.
- "Jon Stewart is just more famous and popular than I am" Tucker being butthurt.
-"I'm not mad about it!" Tucker being in denial.
-"It hasn't affected my life....
Or maybe it has, but I don't care to think about it" Tucker finally realizes something.
-"I think he won because he is more popular than I" Tucker missing Jon's points, while retorting to highschool logic (again).
-"I'm not very self-aware at all" Tucker being aware of his unawareness.

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I just checked No Fact Zone today, and a person who saw the taping of the last Toss, commented and said that Stephen said that they weren't going to do the Toss anymore:


That's right. If this person is legit, there is no more tosses.

But... But.. No. I think I might actually cry. I can't deal with this. WHY?! It's like TCR has grown up and left TDS. They were the last thing that tied them together. This is a sad day guys. I shouln't be this sad about it, but I am. How are we going to see Jon and Stephen interact now? Is this the end? :(



I'm not even gonna lie, this is making me sad.

*Goes to watch lots of Tosses*

D': D': D':

Eta: I hope this isn't true, I'm waiting for someone legit to confirm this. It could be someone trolling or making something out of nothing.

Eta 2: It has now been removed from the site because it wasn't veritified, so maybe it wasn't true after all.

Eta 3: I call troll:

'Oh for God sake. You’ve just lost a long time fan of your site. Anyone that was there heard the same thing. And I made it very clear that The Toss may return.

~ so overdone ~

snobbery does not become


lol I don't even... That is NOT what the person said. The person said that Stephen said there were no more tosses. Blah, stupid person.


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