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1. Jon is a comedian, making fun of people and pointing out their mistake is his job; HE IS UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO BE A JOURNALIST, NO MATTER HOW MUCH PEOPLE SEE HIM AS ONE. I have thought a lot about this and the fact of the matter is: Jon doesn't claim to be a journalist, so, no, he can't be expected to be one. This has nothing to do with 'having guts' or 'being edgy' because Jon is still a comedian; and giving your opinion on things/pointing out stupidity/making fun of people; STILL FALLS UNDER THE CATEGORY OF A COMEDIAN. And he is not the only comedian to do this; he just happen to be more honest and factual than others;  but that still doesn't make him a journalist. Saying that he doesn't go after the people you want him to, not always do hard-hitting interviews,  doesn't matter, because he does his show from his point of view, and is under no obligation to do what the news should. Critisizing the news doesn't mean that he should take it upon himself to fix it, that is not his job. The fact that he is more factual and balanced than the other news channels, is a bonus, and says something about the state of the media; not the state of him or his show.

2. You are a fucking idiot. You say that 'enough liberals do' so it's okay to make generalizations. Well, hmm, most of the teabaggers I've encountered are dumb, racist, ignorant, calls Obama for Hitler, and believe that Obama is the Anti Christ/not born in America. By your account, that makes it okay to make generalizations, right? Except, you don't think so, because it's people you agree with, which makes you, wait for it, A HYPOCRIT.

3. I can't wait for Jon and The Daily Show writers to own you on this; or even better, ignore you, because you don't deserve to even get mentioned on their show; THAT'S HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE. Join the ranks of Tucker Carlson, Jim Cramer, and John Gibson, bb, cuz soon that will be all you have.
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I'm.... I'm so fucking angry right now... I can't even...Guess who I found a video of on Fox's website? Who was on was on Sean Hannity's program this week? Who was promoting his new book and was actually given some on- air time? One Mr. John Gibson. Remember him? If you don't know who that is, let me show it to ya:

Classy man, huh?

So, apparently, this disgusting piece of shit has been given some time on Fox News, despite all the shit he has let out in the past years.This was the same man who mocked Heath Ledgers death, Rachel Maddows sexuality, and who has been making racist remarks regarding a school shooting. That, and of course making fun of Jon Stewart crying after 9/11 while calling for another event like that, to "bring the country together". Why is he there? To talk about liberal bias of course! And promote his book! He also has to mention how good President Bush was, obviously. Jon is also mentioned as a 'leading leftist' hating on Bush. I can't believe this man dares to actually mention Jon's name.

I swear to God, I hate this man more than anything. I really truly despise him and I would not shed a tear if he got the shit beat out of him. Fucking bastard.

Do you think Hannity did this because Jon mocked him? I don't know, I'm just fucking angry right now.

The video is here: http://www.foxnews.com/search-results/m/27678284/hannity-exclusive.htm#q=jon+stewart

Fuck you Fox for having this man on and fuck you John Gibson for being the scumbag you are.

If anyone of you buy his book, I will be serverly dissapointed. People like him make me hate the world.


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