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Critical bystander. I used to love the books, and the first movie, but luckily I saw the light. The abusive relationships, the crappy writing, the shameless Mary Sue/self insert, all became clear to me, and now I strongly dislike it. I'm ashamed that I was ever a fan, but I'm glad that I changed my ways. Twilight is a horrible franchise, that glorifies abusive relationships and lack of talent. It sucks young girls into the books, and it makes them believe that being stalked and controlled by a man is somehow romantic. Besides this, it's also a badly written piece of glorified fanfiction, and the main character is a self-insert Mary Sue.

People comparing it to Harry Potter are doing a good job of making me lose faith in humanity.
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I've had several rare moments, and when they happen, they almost make up, just a little bit, for some of the tragic failures of humanity.

Jon Stewart is one of the people who continuously gives me faith in humanity. I can't even begin to explain why, because the love and respect I have for that man goes beyond words. He brings laugther, joy, and sense into a world that has so many flaws. His show gives me a sense of not being alone with my thoughts and feelings on everything from politics to basic human decency.

He also does a good job killing the stererotype of what ALL Americans are like. Living in a socialistic 'sissy' country that Bill O'reilly and Glenn Beck have so often used to create fear and fuel ignorance, it is refreshing to see opinions from an American who doesn't hate us or our values with a fiery passion, and who still doesn't shill for any party. And, as it turns out, there are many other Americans just like him out there, and I've met a lot of these people through mutual love of his show, and it has changed on how I see America and Americans. So thanks for that.

He is also supportive of basic human decency, like gay rights and helping the poor, which is some of the things that, in my opinion, makes a person very good. Him, being rich, outright saying that he wouln't mind paying more taxes to help poor people, gives me faith in the notion that some people, no matter how rich or famous they get, don't forget their basic human decency. He is one of the people who often create those moments in my life.

There has been other things, just little things, that people do sometimes, that gives me faith in humanity. Whether it is hearing about a child trying to earn money to help a family member out, seeing normal everyday people helping after a disaster or an accident took place, or people standing up for what is morally right. Moments like these, when people come together, in love, and help each other out, are heartwarming and gives me faith in humanity.

I often hate humanity and the bigotry of people, but there are moments where people do show their goodness and their compassion, and those moments mean a lot to me.


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