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I watch The Daily Show, I enjoy The Daily Show, and I respect and admire The Daily Show. But I also realize that I shouln't count on them for news, or take everything Jon Stewart says at face value. And I realize that they are only humans, and therefore have faults, and make mistakes, just like everyone else.

Lately, I have seen a lot of people criticize the Daily show, and their role in the media. And while many of the allegations have been very valid (sexism, racism, and ableism etc), there are some allegations that I do not agree with. At all.


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Love it when it's good; hate it when it's bad.

There is nothing worse in fandom, besides fandom crazies and drama, than bad fanfiction, especially bad porn. Luckily, it is mostly in the bigger fandoms that the badfic come out; I've found that in the smaller fandoms, the writing tends to be better, simply because it isn't as popular as the bigger ones. That is not to say that there isn't great fics in bigger fandoms, because there are, it can just be hard to sort the good from the bad. Bad fanfiction is why I don't write it myself, but judge from a safe distant. If I write, I want to make sure that my work it is actually good. That said, you can only get better the more you write, so of course there is going to be some bad stuff; it is only natural. I just prefer to learn and get better in secret, and let friends judge instead of the whole internet. I judge my own work too much and don't dare to post it, unless I am sure that it is decent, which I realize can be hard to find out when I don't post it, haha.

I know that you can only get better if you let other people see and give opinions on what you write, but I am too self-critical to post anything, and that is my problem. I don't write much either, I mostly comment on other people's work. Speaking of that...

It isn't easy for me to tell another person that I think their work is bad, which I know isn't going to help anything, but I just can't do it. Either I don't comment or I find something positive to comment on instead; I don't like saying "this was bad!" and hurt someones feelings, so I don't. I don't want to lie either, so I make sure that I mean what I say. If I do comment on something I think is bad, I make sure to compliment on something that I liked. I don't lie to people;  if I write: "OH MY GOD AMAZING!" etc then I really mean it. And when I find typos I let them know as well. I often leave long detailed comments when it is something that I love.

I use to write really bad fanfiction about Lost, Jack/Kate, or 'Jate' as they were called(JATE IS FATE!). I had this long melodramatic story starring them, with a lot of bad English and cheesy writing, and I just laugh when I think about it. I also wrote a lot of original writing, which I have fond memories of, but I am sure it wasn't much better.
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I found this article called  'Only men are allowed to be perfect', via[info]51stcenturyfox and her posthttp://51stcenturyfox.livejournal.com/111521.html, so I thought I would link it here as well, because I love the points it makes, and I want to share it. It is about sexism in fandom, and I find it spot on. Here is a part of the article that I really love:

Try taking any female character you dislike, and transforming them into a man... how does this change how you look at them? There are still going to be plenty of characters you dislike, regardless of gender, because they're still a cat hater, or a Yankees fan, or they look just like that math teacher who used to call you stupid. But how much time would you spend bashing them? Do you think there would be whole communities devoted to hating them? Would they be constantly vilified in fanfic?

But what does it matter if we bash female characters? They're only fictional, after all. I'll just say this- I don't think it's a good idea to spend a lot of time disparaging and despising women, even if they aren't real, as that's the sort of thing that can become a habit.

Yes, I'm oversimplifying things, being judgmental, and the people who see this are almost certainly certainly the last people on earth who need to read it, but I had to throw it out there.

Check out the thread, and read the rest of it here:


What do you guys think?
I'd like a lot of people from the Lost, Torchwood, Harry Potter and Doctor Who fandoms to see this.

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I just checked No Fact Zone today, and a person who saw the taping of the last Toss, commented and said that Stephen said that they weren't going to do the Toss anymore:


That's right. If this person is legit, there is no more tosses.

But... But.. No. I think I might actually cry. I can't deal with this. WHY?! It's like TCR has grown up and left TDS. They were the last thing that tied them together. This is a sad day guys. I shouln't be this sad about it, but I am. How are we going to see Jon and Stephen interact now? Is this the end? :(



I'm not even gonna lie, this is making me sad.

*Goes to watch lots of Tosses*

D': D': D':

Eta: I hope this isn't true, I'm waiting for someone legit to confirm this. It could be someone trolling or making something out of nothing.

Eta 2: It has now been removed from the site because it wasn't veritified, so maybe it wasn't true after all.

Eta 3: I call troll:

'Oh for God sake. You’ve just lost a long time fan of your site. Anyone that was there heard the same thing. And I made it very clear that The Toss may return.

~ so overdone ~

snobbery does not become


lol I don't even... That is NOT what the person said. The person said that Stephen said there were no more tosses. Blah, stupid person.

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There is a difference between being on CNN and on Comedy central; or there should be. Jon has always said that he and his show concentrate on the things that they have opinions on, not that they are 'truth tellers' of some kind; because they aren't.They're not trying to get people to change their minds about things, they don't claim to have all the answers, so whether people agree with them or not, it doesn't matter, because they do their shows out of their point of view, and are honest about it.

The media, on the other hand, claims to be unbiased News, when they are actually creating a certain narrative of their network, and then they try to maintain it by being biased, leave out facts, and have opinion shows on it.
The difference between CNN/FOX/MSNBC and TDS, is that TDS doesn't claim to have all the facts, they openly admit that they are biased,  have opinions, when the 'real news' don't. 

I don't think of The Daily Show as a news; they might be less biased than the real 'news channels', because they try to keep facts and earth logic in their shows, but they still show their point of view on things; I just happen to agree with them. This is why people have come to count on them instead of the 'real news', to get a more honest view on things. But despite this, the fact is, that they still do their show in of their point of view, point out things *they* find stupid; not things they want other people to believe.

They just don't have a narrative to maintain, so they can often be more honest, show both sides of the media, while proving their points.

A lot of people agree with what they point out, and that has put them in a place where it gets harder and harder for them to deny their own impact; the impact that they never asked for in the first place.
Jon is not the one claiming to be a journalist, yet people are focusing on him and expecting him to be doing a job that the media has long since abandoned. The media has stopped doing their job, and because of The Daily Show pointing out this, people have come to expect them to do the job instead, which they never claimed to do.

It should be said, though, that they do sometimes use this impact to their advantage, which does make them look hypocritical. They use the comedy defense when people critisize them, but point out stupidity and certain situations, when they know people are impacted by it, and believe what they say. But the difference, for me, is that while they do this, they never say that people should take every word they say seriously, like the MSM does.

I do wish that Jon would be honest about this, talk about it, and recognize what many people perceive his show to be. I wish that he would adress this directly without his self-deprecating remarks or jokes, and I hope he will at one point, because he can't have it both ways.

For me, though, it still comes down to this:

There are the media claiming to be news/not biased, but are, giving people biased information, creating a narrative of their network.

Then there is The Daily Show, pointing out this, because no one else does, while still not claiming to be part of the media.

I don't think that it's TDS there should be focus on, but the MSM instead. Jon isn't the one causing the most damage to the society, imho.

Also, I want people to know that despite my Jon stanning I do see other people's valid points about him/TDS and I do think about it. I'm honestly not as blinded by him as people might think. I call him out when I feel like he mess up, and I hope people can see that.
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If this person is on my flist, please, PLEASE take it up with me or at least say it with your username so I know who you are. I am really not trying to piss people off, so I'm sorry if it comes off that way; it wasn't my intention. Also, I would like to know if you are on my flist, so that maybe we could part ways if that's what you wish; I'd rather not have you reading my diary if you don't like me or if I piss you off. In any case, friend or not, I'd still much rather have that you could say it and stand by it, than secretly harbor anger towards me.


Edit: If anyone else has a problem with me, say it here so we can get it out in the open; I hate this kind of High-school scenario.


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