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-  Journal (mostly) f- locked because of my paranoid self. If I'm so lucky that you want to befriend me, please leave a comment here or message me,  just so I know who you are.
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Doing a Friends-cut. There's people on my flist that I never talk to, and who never comment (either they have stopped commenting, or have never commented at all), so I think it's time that I remove people. Nothing personal, of course, but if I don't know you at least a tiny bit, or in some ways trust you, I'm not comfortable with you reading my journal. And if you never post anymore, I might remove you as well. If I cut you and you for some reason want to stay, message me and I'll add you back. This is not a 'comment if you want to stay' post, just a way to keep my Flist updated.

Again, nothing personal. But my Flist is so big, especially compared to how many people I actually talk to. So yeah, if we talk and you still use your journal, I probably won't remove you.
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I like it, I think it's fun to take picures; it's fun to see how they'll turn out, and have various moments of different events captured to look at later.

I don't mind it, as long as it's public pictures from parties or other social gatherings, and that I know about it. I like Facebook because you get notificated when people post pictures of you, so you can control it most of the time. It's only people I know who can see them, so it's not totally public; then again it's the internet so you can never be 100% sure.

When I post pictures of myself in my journal I'd like to think people have the decency to not use those pictures without my permission, and if I find out someone has, then I will find out who it is, and they won't be on my flist anymore. I trust people on here not share my pics with other people when I post it, but I'm aware that it's a risk I'm taking.
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Um, so, I noticed that there isn't any active comms about Jon Stewart on LJ, or even on the internet, and that makes me sad, because I know how much people love him, and how many fans he has.

So, I am thinking about maybe starting up a comm about him on LJ? For news, pictures, articles involving him in some way. This way I can post in an actual comm instead of flooding my journal with all things Jon(it can be annoying for my non- Daily Show watching friends). But I can't do this on my own, and I don't know how to mod, make layouts, set up rules, etc, any of that jazz, so if anyone wants to co-mod, help with any of this, it would be really great. I know I have a lot of fellow Jon lovers on my Flist.

And btw; I don't know if I am even capable of doing a good job as a mod, because my life is not very stable at the moment, but I really think we need a comm for him, and if my role could be something like, accepting posts, banning trolls, and stuff like that, then it would be great.

Does this sound interesting to any of you guys? A good or a bad idea?

Any help with this would be much appreciated.<3

I don't even have a name yet, lol.
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So, I am doing a friends cut; but it will mostly be with people who I've friended a long time ago, who haven't added me back, or have removed me from their flist for some reason. If any of these people want to friend me back, they can tell me here. Also, if anyone wants off my flist, maybe because we haven't clicked or just because you don't want to be listed as a friend anymore, you can tell me here, and there will be no hard feelings.

I don't usually do this, but I don't want to list people as a friend if they don't feel like listing me; I'd like to have a mutual friendship.

So yeah.

I am going to do it now, and if you get removed, it is nothing personal, and probably because of one of the reasons above.


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