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No, I don't. There are so many people who deserve attention, money, and recognition far more than celebrities do. (I'm thinking about people like doctors/nurses, therapists, firefigthers, and other people who's made a real difference it peoples lives.) Our culture is fucked up in regards of a lot of things, and fame is one of them; and although you can't put it in the same category as racism, sexism, and others forms of -isms, it still does some damage to our culture(tabloids, for one, puts up certain body images, invades privacy, and focuses on beauty to a scary degree).

Of course, how much fame is deserved, also depends on the celebrity. If you look at someone like Jon Stewart, he is famous for other reasons than, for example, Miley Cyrus is. In my mind he deserves fame, the money, and recognition(not as much as doctors, firefighters, therapists etc, but far more than Miley Cyrus), because he's famous for making a difference in our culture, in regards of things that matter.

And it is some very positive changes he's made; he's gotten young people into politics again, he has made them care more about different political issues, the news, and social justice. Even if this is done through satire and comedy, it has had an impact on a lot of people, and made a change in peoples lives(mine included).

When you compare that to Miley Cyrus, The Jonas Brothes, and Justin Bieber, who make mindless teen music, there's a huge difference.

And then you can take J.K Rowling, and compare her to Stephanie Meyer, and see what difference that makes. J.K Rowling can write, Stephanie Meyer can not. J.K Rowlings books are about love, loyalty, friendship and bravery. Stephenie Meyers are about sparkly abusive vampires, and being 'in love'. J.k Rowling has gotten a lot of children into reading again, taught them wonderful morals, and wrote them a fantastic story. Stephanie Meyer has glorified abusive relationships and bad writing, and made a sorry excuse of a story.

You can be famous for a lot of things; unfortunately it's often the most shallow and non-important things that gets the most attention. So yes, our culture is messed up in regards of this, even if it does sometime get it right; (Jon Stewart, J.K Rowling, etc). I'm not saying that there's something wrong with mindless pop music, or shitty written stories, I'm guilty of liking some of those things myself(Lady Gaga), but the glorification and attention these things get, compared to others, is messed up, in my opinion.

The again, this is only my, very biased, opinion on this issue, so idk.

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Critical bystander. I used to love the books, and the first movie, but luckily I saw the light. The abusive relationships, the crappy writing, the shameless Mary Sue/self insert, all became clear to me, and now I strongly dislike it. I'm ashamed that I was ever a fan, but I'm glad that I changed my ways. Twilight is a horrible franchise, that glorifies abusive relationships and lack of talent. It sucks young girls into the books, and it makes them believe that being stalked and controlled by a man is somehow romantic. Besides this, it's also a badly written piece of glorified fanfiction, and the main character is a self-insert Mary Sue.

People comparing it to Harry Potter are doing a good job of making me lose faith in humanity.
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Lets celebrate women and what we have achieved; we've come such a long way. Sexism is still a big part of our culture, but we are moving towards equality and no Rush Limbaugh is going to stop us. Yay for voting, yay for sexuality, yay for being 'free bitches, baby' and yay for focusing on our own happiness and depending on our brains instead of our sex!:D This post is dedicated to the awesome women who I admire; LETS BREAK THOSE SOCIAL BARS, SHALL WE?


Tina motherfucking Fey; probably one of the most famous female comedians and writers in the entertaiment industry today<3 She is an inspiration to many women around the world, and prove that, yes, women can actually be funny and smart, so that old trope is false.


Say what you want about her or her politics, but Hillary Clinton has taken a lot of shit for being a woman in the business. And unlike others (Sarah Palin) she is an inspiration to women and has proven to be smart, knowledgable and has worked hard towards the status she has now(secretary of state).


Rachel Maddow is another woman, who is not only a figure for the LGBT community, but to women everywhere. She is smart, funny, honest and respected as a journalist, and she counts on her personality and smarts instead of her looks to make it in the business.


J.K Rowling; she wrote Harry Potter, enough said. She had to change her name, because being a female writer in the business wasn't easy, and to get a book deal, she had to not bring attention to her gender. Then she comes out and people see that, yes, she is, in fact, a female writer, who is not only talented, but hardworking and smart. She is now an author of one of the world's most popular children's book franchise, and an inspiration for female writers everywhere.(unlike, umm, Stephanie Meyer)

This was my personal list, so no disrespect to people who differ.


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